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How NOT catching COVID could kill you

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Let’s be completely honest. Coronavirus is here to stay. Social distancing, face coverings, excellent hygiene, and vaccines WILL reduce infections and save lives BUT you must realize this virus is not vanishing as quickly as it seemingly appeared. We’re not pathologists, but it doesn’t change the basic fact that viruses take time to mutate enough to alter their function within the human body. Even if you don’t contract COVID-19, the impact of societal change and its effect on your lifestyle may just change your fate for the worse.

Is the pandemic affecting you?

Many of our clients have voiced similar sentiments of isolation, depressed feelings, agoraphobia, and generalized self-neglect since the pandemic began. When it comes to healthcare, people are putting off anything less than a complete and utter medical emergency before seeking professional help. Researchers find that adults can experience marked decline in strength, muscle bulk, endurance, and mental acuity from spending just a few days in a hospital environment. The impact of this decline is even more dangerous to adults who were already struggling with significant health conditions.

Being medically “homebound” is a major barrier to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Although government mandates to stay-at-home will not last forever, the truth is that you will be safer from COVID at home than out in public…but at what long term cost? If you aren’t walking down the stairs to your car everyday, will you be strong and balanced enough to do it a year from now? By relying on narcotic pain medications to blunt your chronic symptoms, are you more likely to fall and break a bone? This pandemic may not see you die of virus-related respiratory failure weeks from now, but it could see you pass away a frail and dependent person some months or years in the future.

How will YOU beat this pandemic?

When it comes to “successful” aging, as in growing older while maintaining peak physical health, it pays off in more than just dollars to avoid a downturn in health whenever possible. If restricted activity has you noticing troubling signs of decline, do not wait. Do not wait for the pandemic to end, for things to return to the way they used to be, because they will not. Take care of your body, preserve and improve your health, and reverse accelerated decline.

Don’t become an indirect casualty of this pandemic.

We implore you to get help with managing your health. It could be as simple as calling your doctor’s office for advice.

If you already know you need physical therapy and want the best experience and results possible, contact us today to learn more about how we might be of service to you.

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