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Most-Asked Monday: Can Aging Be Cured?

By Geoff Fong, PT

Every monday, we answer an assortment of the web’s most-asked questions.

Today we answer: Can Aging Be Cured?

thinking if aging can be cured?

5 years ago, an article was published by news outlet STAT asking various experts the questions: should aging be classified as a disease and can it be cured?

SPOILER ALERT people didn’t agree…but it was funny that the folks standing to increase their company profit margins through such change in grants and regulations were all for it!

researchers want aging to be called a disease for profit reasons
Attention: Will Research Anything For $$$$

More, a positively HUGE thread on Quora by researcher Johnty Andersen took a deep dive in describing all the “cutting edge” research chasing the proverbial Fountain of Youth through anti-aging drugs. He wrote of his belief that extending life expectancy by 10 years is on the horizon while extending it by a further 20-25 years, just a few decades more.

we might be able to extend life expectancy by 10 years very soon
Does it make any sense to wait for the aging cure?

So where does that leave us?

97 y.o.’s who appear no more than 80 have told me, “I don’t care if I die tomorrow. All my children are grown. My spouse and most of my friends have died.” I firmly believe quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to aging.

Plus, have you not seen Interview With The Vampire? I recall Kirsten Dunst and Brad Pitt’s characters being completely ‘meh’ on the notion of eternal youth after decades of ageless revelry…

living a long time is overrated
Years lived ain’t all that

Don’t Fight Aging, Fight Growing Old

In my opinion, growing “old” is the process of being worn down by oppressive health issues. Think of ourselves as an iceberg of happiness floating in the sea of life but melting under the chronic disease of global warming. There might not be much the iceberg can do to stop cows from farting so much, but sometimes we just have to chill out and make the most of the time we have.

So, What’s Your Take?

What is your secret to living a life of happiness through challenging health conditions? Do tell with a comment below!

everybody knows veggies are good
Don’t forget to eat your vegetables!

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