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Custom Fitness Routines

Indie PT gives you a custom fitness plan you can perform ANYWHERE, delivered direct to your inbox every week.
Indie PT can give you a custom fitness plan you can perform ANYWHERE, delivered direct to your inbox every week.

If you’ve been looking for an easy-to-follow and completely custom exercise routine to age-proof your body, you’ve come to the right place!

Perhaps you’ve seen offers for virtual fitness classes claiming to use the latest evidence in fall prevention or fitness for older adults. They seem great and very low cost, right?

What if you are one of millions with a medical condition that limits your general ability to exercise?

How useful do you think a class is if you can’t even do half of the activities?

Unless you want generic results, don’t waste your time with a generic fitness class!

Generic fitness classes are great if you have generic needs.  If you're like a majority of older adults, then you need something better.
Shouldn’t your health routine reflect your actual health needs?

Indie PT offers customized exercise routines that you can follow from your computer or smart device any place at any time.

How It Works

We’ll schedule a time to talk about your fitness goals, your activity interests, and your medical history. From there, a real physical therapist will design and send you a customized assignment of exercises to follow each week that keeps you progressing towards your health goals.

Program Features

  • Receive a no-cost introductory consultation by phone/virtual
  • Receive a custom exercise regimen emailed to you on a weekly basis
  • Monthly therapist check-in by phone/virtual included
  • Ability to contact program manager at any time with questions or concerns

Program Fees

$150 for 4 weeks of customized programming (1 month)

Subscription Discounts

SAVE 15% when you pay 1 year in full for $1,530 (Best Deal!)
Save 5% when you pay for 6 months for $855

Indie PT provides customized fitness routines delivered direct to your inbox

Please note: Our fitness/wellness services are for general fitness and conditioning.  Such programs/services are not considered medically necessary physical therapy or medical treatment even if the services are provided by a licensed physical therapist and are not a substitute for individualized therapeutic exercises that are prescribed under a physical therapy plan of care.  While we may establish an exercise program to work toward meeting your fitness goals, we do not claim that the program/services you participate in will have any particular or specific therapeutic outcome.  If you require a therapeutic exercise program to specifically address a medical problem that is causing significant pain or dysfunction, you may not be appropriate for a general fitness program and we may recommend other medical services or a course of physical therapy treatment.

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