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In-Home & Virtual Physical Therapy

Indie PT offers concierge in-home physical therapy and virtual telehealth appointments.
Indie PT offers both in-person and virtual telehealth services for all your physical therapy needs.

You can enjoy top quality physical therapy in the comfort and safety of your own home now with either IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL TELEHEALTH appointments!

From choosing when, where, how long to meet, and what to work on, you call the shots and we love it because we believe the therapy you shaped and worked hard at is the only therapy that can meet your health expectations.

No more…

  • Taking hours off work or from personal time to drive to a clinic
  • Dealing with waiting rooms (or waiting around outside)
  • Risking contact with the general public, communal spaces, or multiple staff members
  • Waiting for a doctor’s referral before getting the treatment you need
  • Getting restricted from more therapy by some arbitrary insurance determination

We provide in-home and virtual physical therapy because it puts your needs first!


Indie PT services won't be available

6/4/22 - 6/20/22

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