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Meet Geoff Fong

Geoff Fong is a native San Franciscan who lives a simple life with his beautiful wife and 2 amazing kids. He received his physical therapy degree from SFSU and UCSF’s joint program in 2009. After 5 years working in outpatient orthopedics and sports rehab, he directed the next 5 years to helping older adults in home health care and found his true passion.

“I love visiting people in their homes and seeing them thrive in their own space. It’s a great feeling to drive through neighborhoods, pass so many houses I’d visited, and remember all the good that was done.
It feels like I’m directly helping the communities of my lifelong home.”

Not everything about Geoff’s career was positive. While he helped hundreds in the Bay Area improve their health, the glaring fact was that insurance was a terrible hindrance to delivering better care–authorizations wasted precious time for healing, meager reimbursement rates and aggressive audits encouraged shorter appointments and cookie cutter treatment. Worse, some patients were forced to jump through hoops or risk being cut off from therapy altogether.

It was wasteful, ineffective, and sometimes even dangerous. Geoff knew the solution was to create a new service model.

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Geoff created Indie PT with the idea of putting the patient first. In order to do this, we stopped referring to our customers as “patients” and, instead, as “clients.” The difference is in who holds power.

Patients are given prescriptions, are sent to providers, and their outcomes judged based solely on objective measurements. From day 1, our clients are in control of their physical therapy plan. After all, you know yourself better than anybody!

From choosing when, where, how long to meet, you call the shots and we love it because the therapy you take ownership of is the only therapy that can meet all your health expectations.

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