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Great Upgrades for your Walker

If you use a 2- or 4-wheeled walker to get around, you already know they’re great but did you know they can be made better? You’ve probably realized that although they make walking much easier, they can make things like carrying small items or turning on light switches more difficult because they require holding with both of your hands to work best. More than that, if you use the device daily, walk over rough surfaces or have owned it for several years, chances are the feet or wheels are wearing down considerably to where your rollator brakes might not work even if you adjusted the brake cable or maybe the feet of your walker have ground down to nothing but bare metal, leaving deep gouge marks across your floors with every step! Yikes.

We’ve curated a list of some of our favorite replacement parts and add-on accessories to check out on an easy-to-use Amazon list. Just click the button below to see what items could help you get your aging device working better than new!

If your device is more than a few years old, it might make more sense to simply look into purchasing a new device or inquiring with your doctor if your insurance will help cover repair costs or cost of a replacement device rather than try to upgrade/replace parts on your own. There IS a incredible improvement in device ease of use, design, and comfort with current models compared with those of yesteryear.

Note: we do not receive any commission from purchases made of items on the list. Please consult with a therapist first if you rely on an assistive device for mobility and are considering any functional modifications.

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