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How costly is PT from a clinic?

If you are visiting or planning to visit your local outpatient physical therapy clinic, how much does it cost you?

This topic occasionally comes up when prospective clients see our service fees and instinctively recoil because, yes, the evaluation alone is likely a bigger number than several copay amounts.

But are you truly paying less to visit your in-network clinic?  Ask yourself:

  • How high is your deductible?  Will the clinic bill you the full cost of therapy until that deductible is met?  Will your insurance even count that full cost towards your deductible or do they set a cap per session?
  • How much is your copay each visit after your deductible is met?  $5?  $50?

Just like a trip to the hospital, you can be billed weeks or months later by the clinic for any balance not yet paid by your insurance on the claim.  This could be well over $200 per session…

That’s all just dollars and cents.  What about time?

Let’s say it takes you 25 minutes to get to the clinic and you aim to arrive 5 minutes early so you start on time (even when your PT may consistently run late).  Let’s also say it takes you another 20 minutes to get home or back to work.  That’s a total of 50 minutes spent per visit going to PT.

Most outpatient clinics see people 2-3x/week for 4-6 weeks.  At the minimum, you could be spending over 6.5 hours just travelling to and from the clinic over your course of care.

As concierge therapy providers we bring ourselves directly to you.  Our shortest appointment slot is 1 hour, letting us achieve more progress per session than a 30-45 minute  clinic appointment.  Getting better in fewer sessions is always a plus but so is our ability to give help any time you need it.  No waiting for authorizations.

When you look at the big picture, you just might be doing yourself, your schedule, and your wallet a big favor by leveraging a concierge therapy service like ours.

If you’re interested in learning how we can help with your specific needs, we encourage you to schedule a no-cost consult today!

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