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Do you REALLY need PT?

“If you were already good enough what on earth would you spend your money on?”
– Matt Haig, Notes on a Nervous Planet

12 weeks in-person therapy and another 12 weeks of home exercises didn’t improve pain or function for people with hip osteoarthritis (1).

6 sessions of osteopathic manipulative treatment had little effect in addressing generalized low back pain compared to sham treatment (2).

Digital learning, social media, and newsletters found uneffective in improving pain, disability, or absenteeism (3).

Patients who underwent Neuro-Emotional Technique treatment for chronic low back pain demonstrated significant improvements in pain, function, inflammation, and quality of life (4).

PT’s can teach you how to use an assistive device like a cane or walker safely and effectively. We can help you recover if you decide to have hip replacement surgery. PT cannot reverse age-related changes in your joints but we can help in other ways.

We can help mobilize hypomobile vertebral segments, teach you stretches to improve spinal mobility on your own, and suggest ways you can incorporate healthier movement in your daily life.  Despite that, it is possible your back pain could be improved without anybody ever laying hands on you.

Do you REALLY need physical therapy treatment?

We therapists have good treatment tools and techniques but in order to work their best, they need to be the most appropriate for the situation. A detailed, in-person evaluation where your symptoms, medical history, physical presentation and psychological disposition can be assessed is the only way to reasonably accomplish this. After an evaluation comes a comprehensive treatment plan that emphasizes what works for you and your body, your mind. Results come more predictably and last longer the harder you work to follow instructions and pursue the lifestyle you desire.

There is plenty of evidence out there to say your pain and difficulties can be improved without ever starting or finishing physical therapy, but taking action is the most important thing.

Ripples happen when things are disrupted. The fact that ripples eventually dissipate is science….Stillness, stagnancy, or at peace; the way you see things makes a difference to your experience.

We believe experience is what makes life worth living.  How are working to shape your experiences?

If you are wanting physical health change that is supported by science, we will do everything we can to help.

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