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Flexibility For Better Balance

Originally held March 30, 2021 Please note: Our fitness/wellness services are for general fitness and conditioning.  Such programs/services are not considered medically necessary physical therapy or medical treatment even if the services are provided by a licensed physical therapist and are not a substitute for individualized therapeutic exercises that are prescribed under a physical therapy…
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#1 Movement You NEED to Maintain

Extension. It is the technical term used to describe a direction of movement or range of motion. If you were standing and facing a mirror, extending a joint would likely result in that body part moving backwards, away from the mirror. You might be wondering why this direction is so important to maintain with age.…
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Is green light therapy the future of non-pharmaceutical pain relief?

Emerging evidence supports the idea that green colored light might give pain relief without drugs. Uncontrolled pain presents a major impact on our quality of life, especially when it becomes chronic in duration (lasting >3 months). Scientists continue to learn how complex pain processing is and clinicians how difficult it can be to control in…
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Unravelling the Pain Conundrum

How It All Works The stim-u-lus wakes up the noci-ceptor, the nociceptor signals to the dor-sal horn, the dorsal horn relays to the thal-amus, and then the cortex steps innnn! Hey! Feeling pain is normal. If a sensation triggers special organs called “nociceptors” to fire, that signal gets bounced all the way up to our…
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How To Help Your Shoulder Feel Better After a Vaccine Shot

If you’ve ever had an intra-muscular vaccination before, you know that a common side effect is soreness in that muscle that can last for a few days. Is that so bad? Not really on its own BUT here’s what typically happens when people feel a sore body part: they favor it. For some, they can…
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Why Your New Year’s Resolution Will Fail (and how to fix that)

As 2021 comes roaring around the corner, millions of people begin reflecting back on times past, where they are now, and what they’d like for the future. We’re sure you’ve been there–those feelings that have you saying, “Oh my god, I’ve dealt with this long enough! This year is going to be different. I’m going…
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How NOT catching COVID could kill you

Let’s be completely honest. Coronavirus is here to stay. Social distancing, face coverings, excellent hygiene, and vaccines WILL reduce infections and save lives BUT you must realize this virus is not vanishing as quickly as it seemingly appeared. We’re not pathologists, but it doesn’t change the basic fact that viruses take time to mutate enough…
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Substandard Holding You Back?

Perhaps you’ve read the testimonial from our wonderful client Tim about his thoughts on how we compared to what he was getting from his health insurance network. If not, here’s part of what he had to say: …What was being offered by my regular health care providers was very substandard in comparison. Tim, T Reading…
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Great Upgrades for your Walker

If you use a 2- or 4-wheeled walker to get around, you already know they’re great but did you know they can be made better? You’ve probably realized that although they make walking much easier, they can make things like carrying small items or turning on light switches more difficult because they require holding with…
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